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Solomon Grey's captivating Launch Party at the Sebright Arms..

Walking into the Sebright Arms in East London, then being lead down a staircase to what seems to be a maze. Corners and hallways open up to a small live venue hidden in Bethnal Green, set with blue lights and an endless growing crowd Solomon Grey are welcomed to the stage in this intimate gem of a venue.
The echoing vocals and gentle rhythms are somewhat dreamlike and put you in a trance where you find your body swaying and just letting go to this sound that is very overwhelming. The serenity that the band has created is very clever as each of the songs have a layered effect which proves they can not only play well with their range of instruments but have thought seriously about the sound and impact on the listener. This clever and creative band are experimental with the electronic and pop sound, edging it up with synths and electric guitars that create perfect wondrous music you’ll want to listen to again and again. With tracks like ‘Last Century Man’ and ‘Glas/Green’ the harmonious high pitch vocals correlating with the waves of the synths create something atmospheric and powerful. Whereas, with tracks like ‘Firechild’ the rhythm and beat is increased and the high pitch vocals create a hint of 80s Pet Shop Boys but the use of modern technology makes it current.
Not only is this a gig for Solomon Grey but it’s the launch party of their new single ‘Electric Baby’ which is to be released June 16
th.  The single encompasses all the great things in which Solomon Grey portray, the amazing whisper tone of the lead singer which is highlighted against the well played instruments, the electric guitar adds a fun rhythm that makes your body sway and trinkets of the bass with the serious synth add that edge. ‘Electric Baby’ is a mixture of the upbeat and gentle songs they have created in the past, so finding the middle ground that isn't weak proves this band are excellent with their creativity. With a lot of Solomon Grey’s music it holds this incredible build up that the climax leaves you feeling somewhat breathless as to what you've just heard, especially witnessing them perform live as you watch them focus and feel the music they are creating. The layered effects convey their versatility with soft currents that flow through each song making it potent and beautiful at the same time. The music Solomon Grey creates is so raw and original a vigilant eye must be kept on this band.