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WACO Bring Back The Heart Of Punk With Debut EP "Sundown"

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Christmas is just around the corner with glistening lights, children laughing and the cheers of HO HO HO! But if you’re the kind of person that isn’t quite ready for this relaxing holiday and has the patience of a Westfield shopper then the release of WACO’S EP “Sundown” is just the thing to keep you buzzing till someone shoves a Santa hat on you.


London based Punk Rock band WACO release their EP “Sundown” this week and their choice of band name hits the nail on the head in a way to describe their 5 track EP.

Fluctuating between fast paced wacky sounds that are sure to create a mosh pit to a softer but still cool track such as “Agitation” where you can still rock out too, this is more for the tranquil rockers. The shouty vocals remind me of a familiar angst from the 1970s and an attitude that was once forgotten, but now has the opportunity to be brought back and I believe WACO are the perfect delegates.

With influences from 70s Rock and 80s Punk WACO have done an exceptional job in bringing back the heart and soul of Punk Rock but doing it in their own awesome way.

“Sundown” is released this week through Venn Records and is available on the bands bandcamp page. Be sure to put it on your Christmas list... it’s already on mine.

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