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Laura And Greg's 'Forever For Sure' Brings Beautiful Cosmic Sound

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

I'll be honest, I picked this album to review for Subba-Cultcha cos I'm old now and I needed something a little bit gentle after a four day birthday bank holiday bender. And they're called Laura & Greg which sounds promisingly soothing. Album opener 'Muscle Memory' reassures me that I've chosen well here. A very pretty and delicate little melody gradually builds to a rousing vocal and reminds me that 'These moments are young / you'll forget each one so fast'. God I feel old.

After that the album takes off into sweet Sunday afternoon in the park vibes. Laura & Greg have voices that fit together like the stone inside a firm avocado, smooth and polished without overdoing it on the mushiness. Even when singing lines like 'Just outside my window, is a world for two'. Their global musical backgrounds (Laura/Australian & Greg/born in Moldova but grew up in Philadelphia) meld into a beautiful cosmopolitan and cosmic sound, managing to sound old and young simultaneously. A bit like me then.

By the time we get to the title track 'Forever for sure' (about halfway through the album) I'm feeling so at peace with it all, it's a similar kind of magic to drinking a cocktail of love while floating around in a geothermal hot spring surrounded by fairy dust. And just like the best love cocktails, this album keeps on giving.

A little bit Bon Iver, a little bit First Aid Kit, even actually a teeny bit Neil Diamond (I didn't say that, I'm not old!). Stand out tracks for me, (as well as the title track which is just beautiful) are 'Don't let me' - great vocals on this, and 'Once out loud' which has lovely little melancholic tonal twists and unexpected chord changes.

This whole album works so well and it's already starting to sound like a delightful long lost cousin from faraway who comes to stay bringing a bottle of liquorice Sambuca and some caramel chocolate. Hopefully Laura & Greg will make some UK dates very soon!

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Words by Mary Long