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Atari Teenage Riot Attack The Senses With “Reset”

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

If you’re ever wondering what a post-apocalyptic world would sound like, wonder no more… Atari Teenage Riot (ATR) are back with “Reset” and I think this is probably the closest the non-survivors among us will get to knowing what the rest of you will be listening to.


Allow me to set the scene; you’ve awoken from a deep sleep you’ve no idea how long it lasted, you switch the radio on and news of the revolution is repeated again and again by what sounds like a pirate radio station.  This is not the Hunger Games, this is a lot darker, this is a post-apocalyptic world where there are no laws, everyone is out for themselves.  Welcome to the Thunderdome, ATR are the headline act!

Ok, so I might have significantly over indulged in caffeinated products this morning and ate a large quantity of very strong cheese before heading to bed last night, however I shit you not, this is the kind of imagery conjured when listening to the ATR trio’s work.

Attack on the senses, doesn’t even come close, beautifully organised chaos doesn’t quite cover it and I’m not sure mayhem or havoc are quite the right nouns but they’re closer than most.  This is quite simply one of the most intensive listens you’re likely to have in 2015, it will leave you exhausted but feeling empowered and most of all enthralled.  Alec, Nic and Rowdy have done it again, welcome to Reset.

I must confess I’m very new to ATR, having been introduced to the trio by the track “Modern Liars”, one of the tracks on Reset.  It made it onto the Subba-Cultcha NMS and since then I’ve been overly eager to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.  I was not disappointed.

Stand out tracks for me are “Death Machine”, the aforementioned “Modern Liars” and without question “New Blood”.  Their hardcore mix of techno, metal and punk is mind-blowing and designed to create exactly the reaction it does.  Delivering an uncompromising statement of political opinion and belief with epic beats that are woven into relentless rhythm.

That’s enough from me… listen to the album, but do not do so whilst operating heavy machinery, you have been warned.

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