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Fast rising new band Shy Nature play a sort of 'homecoming' gig in North London
IMG_8282Shy Nature @ The Boston Arms 8/10

The Boston Arms is a curious venue, its part pub part club, the part pub bit is slightly scary for the outsider, more of that later. Shy Nature are currently I'm the middle of a UK with the Creasers, having been tipped by Jen Long and Subba-Cultcha (they were our New Artist of the Day) they are gathering momentum and this performance should cement their position as one of the most interesting new bands of 2014. Musically Shy Nature are tight, the tracks played live match their recorded counterparts, live they bring an energetic and almost brotherly feel. Their songs Sinking Ship, Lie Back, A Thousand Minds are infectiously catchy, very summery in their melodies. It's easy to make comparisons with the Mystery Jets but live they find their own voice, musically they bustle with energy and swirly guitar riffs, tight drums and the vocals hold their own.


Their ten song 30 minute set included all four tracks of their EP, Sinking Ship, Fine, Washout and A Thousand Minds, a perfectly accomplished set list combined with a wonderful camaraderie onstage, meant they feel very much like an established band.  They played to an appreciative crowd, particularly reactive to the single Lie Back and ended the set with a Deadly Sin. Introducing new song Wild Roses as being about the people who live round here, having seen them drinking upstairs next door it is a very apt title. Singer Will, despite his shy nature (no pun intended) is witty, charming and amiable, discussing meeting the legend that is Fred durst he jokes that the following track is Rollin - it isn't. Their new single Lie Back is out now, expect big things from Shy Nature in 2014.