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Kverlertak are back in the UK to party the Norse way.

Far from being strangers to the UK, Kverlertak are back again for a series of dates leading up to their headline slot at this year's Desertfest.


Kverlertak @ The Cathouse, Glasgow - 22/04/2014

Every time Kverlertak have returned to Glasgow they've played a bigger venue than before, so while it's still great to see them in the relatively intimate surroundings of the Cathouse, based on tonight's performance it won't be long before they're headlining much bigger venues. Frontman Erlend HjelvikStarting takes to the stage wearing the bands stuffed owl mascot, complete with glowing eyes on his head before the band kicks off over an hour of Norwegian blackened, punk metal, rock n roll (call it what you want) with Apenbaring.  The setlist features a decent number from each album; 2010's self titled effort and last year's Meir.  Sultans of Satan and the insanely catchy Bruane Brenn are two early standouts, while Evig Vandrar is a fine example of the quality of their songwriting  and shows that in amongst the craziness of some of their work, the foundation of every Kverlertak song is just a good, solid rock song. No gig is complete without some crowd sufers, including Hjelvik himself at one point.  Saving some of their strongest material until last; Blodtorst, Kvelertak, Mjod and the always amazing Utrydd dei Svake wraps things up nicely.  Kvelertak are a fantastic live band and tonight is no exception.  Catch our Scandinavian friends live whenever you can, big things could be just around the corner. 8/10 Thanks to Chris Dean @ Duff Press