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WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Nothing 'Guilty Of Everything' Track By Track - Part 2

Old Subbacultcha

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Nothing explore their new album

The review... Dynamic, emotionally devastating and eerily compulsive, ‘Guilty Of Everything’ is a special record. With shades of both Nothing’s punk and hardcore roots and a love of the darker nineties alt-rock – from shoegaze to Smashing Pumpkins – it’s as wide ranging as it is overwhelming. If you lived through the decade, this debut album will likely give you déjà vu. Much of what Nothing do is borrowed, but the magic comes in what they do with it. Most songs are built around waves of feedback, frontman Domenic Palermo’s vocals detached and otherworldly: and every so often the haze is punctuated by a flurry of anguish, snowballing into fuzzed-up punk. While it can be difficult to catch Palermo’s lyrics, those that do filter through veer from meditative to desperate, the title track ending on a note of absolute resignation. Not a candidate for feelgood record of the summer, suffice to say. ‘Somersault’ is one of the most haunting listens we’ve heard in a while, though in truth ‘Guilty Of Everything’ is best experienced in one sitting, preferably with the volume dial cranked up. It’s full of surprises, a vast, overdriven journey that must be heard to be understood. Hyperbole? Give it a listen and decide for yourself. 9/10   You can watch the second part of an exclusive Track By Track video series below: keep your eyes peeled through the week for more. Catch part 1