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Frankie Forman's Debut Heralds A Brave New Talent

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

London chanteuse Frankie Forman releases her debut EP and lays her intent for world domination in five songs.


Imagine if you will the talent of Amy Winehouse but distilled through a Nancy Sinatra filter, music harking back to the days of the 60's psychedelic era.  Hippy, trippy melodies accompanied by a voice that sounds at once pure silky sex appeal, yet brazen, deadly and hypnotic mixed with a hint of danger, a touch of the temptress luring you with mermaid song to your doom.

I introduce Frankie Forman. All of the above and so, so much more.

Making real waves on the London scene and beyond with her incredible vocal range and style - she is fast becoming a buzz word for class, style, panache and atmospheric gigs across the capital.  This debut EP is a phenomenal calling card for an artist that has - really - only just started out.

The talents speaks volumes - tracks like opener "Scars On Me" is a laconic, lazy sounding, but incredibly layered summer anthem - leading out with a whistled melody and falling into a seductive, beautiful blues number with a trip-hop musical spine. It's stuns you with its effortless groove and cool, Frankie's vocals are just beautiful throughout and so sultry and thick with allure they make caramel weep.

"Lolita" is a big single waiting to explode from the EP to radio waves - full of musicality and a vocal line that's a showcase of what is so good about Miss Forman but also a calling card to hopeful future sounds - with the already promised darker and deeper full length release in process now.

Frankie Forman is a true talent that is only ever going to get better and better - and to start with something so beautifully rafted and built as this EP, with its musical soirees into multiple genres and styles, and a heart as red and full of life as it has, is a hell of an achievement.

Highly recommended.  One of the best things to come out from the underground in quite some time.

8/10 Listen to the whole EP here: OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: