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Introducing: Red Room Therapy

South Wales rockers Red Room Therapy won our competition to play at
Nozstock: The Hidden Valley Festival this August. The band caught our attention with their track
All in the Mind, a stomper of a rock tune that will no doubt get the crowds moving in Herefordshire and beyond.
  We caught up with front man Osh to find out a little more about the group, what they've been up to and what people can expect when seeing them live...
SC: Congrats on winning PlayNoz2014, are you excited to be playing Nozstock? O: Extremely. We've been wanting to play Nozstock for a while so we're super happy to be added to the lineup.
SC: What about Nozstock appeals to you? O: It always comes across as a groovy festival.  Beautiful surroundings, diverse artists, fun themes.  Hence our hunger to play this festival!
SC: Are there any artists on the Nozstock bill that have influenced you as a band? O:  Maybe not so much as a band, but there are plenty who have influenced and inspired us as musicians.  Fun Lovin' Criminals are a particular favourite of mine.
SC: Who are you looking forward to seeing at Nozstock? O: By The Rivers. I met them at a gig earlier this year and they were one of the best live bands I've ever seen.  Nice guys too.
SC: When and how did the band get started? O: We formed in a place called Penderyn, where our feelings and frustrations of mundane life resulted in energetic thumping rock.
SC: What have you been up to recently as a band? O: We've been extremely busy. We're in the process of recording our first album, which has been amazingly difficult to fit in around our adventures. We played at Sound City festival in Liverpool, which was incredible, before heading out to the Isle of Man where we played to one of the biggest crowds yet. That was an epic experience. Although, who knows, Nozstock might take the throne!
SC: How did your sound evolve... did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to do from the beginning? O: Our sound evolves mainly because we don't allow ourselves to have a fixed idea of what we want. We have visions of what we want our songs to sound like, but we don't let that get in the way of experimentation. That's part of the evolution.
SC: What can you remember of your first gigs, and what have you learned about approaching live shows since? O: We've always approached our live shows in the same way. You go out there and you rock people's socks off. Then you pick up the socks and return them to their rightful owners.
SC: Describe to us the process behind writing music within your band… O: We absolutely love to jam.
SC: How would you describe your own/bands sound, or what do you hate being labelled as? O: We're trying to make groovy grunge a thing. If we were going to be labelled in some way that would be a nice one to have. 
SC: So far, what have you found helpful in getting noticed, and gaining fans? O: If you keep making music for long enough, you'll end up with a lot of people following what you do. We've played about 200 gigs now, and we've picked up a lot of people along the way. 
SC: Are there any online resource or sites you’ve found useful in promoting your band? How useful do you find Facebook and Twitter? O: Twitter's phenomenal. It means we get to keep in touch with the hundreds and hundreds of lovely people that we meet on our adventures, including our fellow artists.
SC: What's your favourite piece of gear, when it comes to live shows? O: I quite like whiskey.
SC: What can people expect when seeing you play at Nozstock 2014? Lots of noise. Lots of fun. Might even see some dinosaurs. ----------------------------- Catch Red Room Therapy live at Nozstock: The Hidden Valley Festival, 1 - 3 August!