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Randall Poster & Alexandre Desplat welcome you Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Original soundtrack recording for Wes Anderson’s eighth feature film.

Grand Budapest HotelThe Grand Budapest Hotel - Original Soundtrack - 6/10

Produced by Wes Anderson and long-time collaborator Randall Poster, the soundtrack features music from Academy Award
®-nominated composer Alexandre Desplat and performances by the Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra. Taking inspiration from Desplat’s compositions, Vivaldi and traditional Russian folk songs this soundtrack is another success in creating a world entirely unique to the place Anderson films inhabit. The story of
The Grand Budapest Hotel features the theft of a priceless Renaissance painting, the adventures of Gustave H and  Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy, the death of an heiress and of course the grandiose hotel. According to Anderson “The Grand Budapest Hotel takes place 100 years ago in an invented country that might be described as part Czech, part Hungarian, part Polish, part Russian, part German -- and a little bit 1930's movie-studio in Culver City,” the music is no different. Using the trusted partnership of Poster and Desplat the music perfectly encapsulates the essence of that fictitious time period, like Anderson’s films it is quirky and offbeat. The traditional compositions are given a tweaking to make them slightly quizzical to the ear. There is a definite Eastern European flavor running through the soundtrack, as Anderson says
The music, however, comes from Paris, where gifted French composer Alexandre Desplat incorporated a variety of regional sounds and musical forms to make what we call “Zubrowkian” music: something vaguely familiar -- but, nevertheless, not quite like anything else.” Something vaguely familiar, but not like anything else sums up perfectly the soundtracks to Anderson’s films, like the 60s, folk infused soundtrack to
The Royal Tenenbaums or the underwater, electronica, Portuguese Bowie soundtrack for
The Life Aquatic, the music is integral to the film and without it the illusion of the world Anderson creates wouldn’t happen. The major difference (and slight disappointment) is that this soundtrack, unlike any other the other previous soundtracks there is no contemporary music. This soundtrack is entirely a musical score, there’s no genius pop songs, retro French chanteuses, breathy folk or spiky punk pop. Not having seen the film, the UK release date is March 7
th, the listener can only imagine the scenes that will accompany these compositions.