REVIEW album Old Subbacultcha Old Subbacultcha

Swiss Post-hardcore heroes IMPURE WILHELMINA release their masterpiece

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

New Hummus Records signings and veteran Swiss rock-outfit release the record that could well define them and the European scene for many, many years to come.

a2098097168_2 Once again, when it comes to the world sitting up and taking notice of the trailblazers and leaders in the heavy Rock and Hardcore scene they cast their eyes to Europe and the multitude of bands who are world leaders in the heavy music genres, so varied and many, all wave and smile back.
IMPURE WILHELMINA are just such one band. A four piece outfit hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland. They have been blazing a burning trail throughout Europe for 17 years, writing and playing, proving to be one of the hardest working bands in the scene. Then, with no warning and very little substantial fanfare except from the closest of the bands friends and supporters, they release
BLACK HONEY, an album that is as inventive, fresh and vital as music could possibly hope to be. Imagine if you will
Therapy? and
Cave In team up for a supergroup, and invite
Blixa Bargeld to play Guitar, and
Morrissey to sing after being forcefed Marlboros Reds for a month. The musical output would be this album, an evil, beautiful and cracked veneered masterpiece of angst and complaint and madness and anger and love and regret... An album that has deeply tapped the cortex of emotions and driven it headlong on fire into arena sized rock riffs and drums as perfectly heavy as the crushing weight of the deepest crevasse in the darkest ocean floor. This is an utter joy to listen to. Epic, grandiose and drenched in subtle and magnificent idea. It is a culmination of 17 years of a band pissed off with having been the nearly men and finally striking out and killing their masters to take over the throne. An incredible journey of musicality and voice and riffs and haunting emotional resonance. I have listened to it a dozen times and I am in awe at every turn, every subtle change in direction and probe into a new sound or effect. This is adventure in musical form, pure unadulterated adventure in a simple and direct dagger sharp form. Driven straight into the core of you and brazen at the fact it killed you with its love. An utter joy from first second to last. I am in lust with it. More, please, and now... 10/10