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Wind In Sails ‘Morning Light’ Casts Healing Glow Over Wounded

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

A skilled songwriter with a fade-in voice as soft as melting butter, Evan Pharmakis puts the ‘Wind in Sails’. Claiming to be just another face in a sea of people, he floats gently into the cool, crisp waters of recognition with his solo album, ‘Morning Light’.

The eleven song folk/blues collection of acoustic ecstasy, speaks the truth of how everyone has demons hiding under their beds, cupboards and any other crevice you can think of. The reason however that this album was created, was to ease this reality and hopefully aid in finding comfort regardless. It offers an upbeat distraction to the listeners problems in the form of Mr Pharmakis’s tender words, reassuring that there is no one who has not had to face a mistake or pain in some measure during the duration of their time walking the earth.

The loss of the cherished and unexpected treachery of companions can come as a hard blow to most, and is unfortunately common when associating lambs with wolves. The opening track ‘Push and Shove’ holds a lick of Zimmerman as a string of simple dry-skin strokes grab the listener’s attention. A tone of voice that can only be described as ‘blameless’ utters seven words which personify the track in a heartbeat, “Have some faith in yourself my love”. While ‘Keeping Count’ of these demons, the second song speaks of having the patience to tolerate the war-torn scars and how in passing time, wounds will inevitably heal.

A nightingale effect that drifts on into ‘Level Head’, reminding the audience that even after the pain, you should never forget what made you suffer. A strong song that emotionally bleeds heavy breathes and ripped out notes. ‘Lucid State’ & ‘Murder Backwards’ hold the same message blended with a more uplifting guitar tone, there may come a time where someone might linger in your mind, but the point being made is there is still tomorrow to escape.

In some situations however, it is not always doom and gloom. In ‘Side by Side’s case for example, if there is still a chance of mutual happiness then fix the problem. Life is too short to hold on to petty in-differences. ‘Hanging over you’ features the delicate guest vocals of Rachel Hael and as their voices intertwine, a surge of good vibes seems to inject itself through your blood stream spreading out through your body. ‘Set Adrift’ casts you into an air of nostalgia as the lyrics paint a sleepless restlessness that embodies the struggle of impatient thoughts that will not slumber.

A seed is planted, which grows into ‘The mess we’re in’, a song to inspire action against such feelings. This lyrical tree grows a thick body and with the approach of ‘Heart in Focus’, begins to sprout bright life-filled leaves, an embodiment of picking yourself back up and realising that this little hiccup is a struggle but is it worth the hurt? The beautiful song, ‘Wild Child’ draws the anthology to a close. Regardless of what seems to be a melancholy-dipped theme, the conclusion leaves a warm glow within your chest.

A ‘down to earth’ artist with a heart-touched sound, ‘Wind in Sails’ should be prepared to set anchor in the homes of many fans to come. Not forgetting the visually stunning album artwork designed by ‘Plusjoshsmith’, (which tends to go unnoticed now in a predominantly downloadable music society), Mr Pharmakis’s ‘Morning Light’, is a perfect remedy for a heavy-weathered life.

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Words by Nathan Roach