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'Hope Is Just A State Of Mind' Brings Out The Best In Little Comets

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

This week Little Comets released their third album titled ‘Hope Is Just a State of Mind’ following a build up of EP’s released throughout 2014. This album is a seamless continuation of their last album ‘Life Is Elsewhere’, maintaining the bands signature indie sound of captivating melodies and compelling hooks. It allows the listener to hear how the three northerners have developed their voice into something darker and more complex, meaning you get a little bit more from ‘Hope Is Just a State of Mind’ with every listen.

It does take time to really appreciate this album but it’s worth it, this is particularly apparent once you start absorbing the lyrics, even from the outset they relate to modern issues. In the albums opening track “My Boy William”, singer Robert Coles desperately resonates ‘I cut all the pages from a magazine, so my boy stays true enough to dream’. Exposing how from a young age we are all shaped by what we see and read in the media, trying to live up to ideals, which aren’t always realistic.

Half way through the album the tracks take an upbeat turn with “Salt”, taken from one of their 2014 EPs with comparisons to Everything Everything’s style of drumming and layering which makes you want to move. This is followed by “Effetism” with its interesting guitar and “Wherewithal” an instant crowd pleaser.

Ultimately this is a fantastic listen, the album develops and matures from track to track, and by the time you reach the concluding song “The Blur, the Line & the Thickest of Onions” you’ve been on a journey with the band, experiencing an insight into them and hearing another chapter of the story. I would recommend this album and would definitely advise people who love truthful, compelling music to go and experience it live. Little Comets are currently on tour in the UK, finishing up in Newcastle on 14th March.

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Words by Anna Sharp