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Kite String Tangle's Hotly Anticipated "Vessel" Delights

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The hotly anticipated ‘Vessel’ EP from the Kite String Tangle, aka Danny Harley, brings us more of his own unique sound. If the distinct ‘Given the Chance’ hadn’t grabbed your attention already ‘Vessel’ definitely will.

Having already heard 'Given the Chance' by the magic of Spotify Radio I was curious what else to expect. Vessel is more of the same, trance like beats with thought provoking lyrics. Not to get lost in the mass of electronic vocalists out there, Danny cuts and changes whilst keeping to his winning formula. In essence, don’t lump him with the rest of electro crooners.

Summer-Saturday-Morning music (if that’s even a category) at its best, it chills you out and gets you going at the same time, seemingly impossible? Well, he’s managed it.

Going back to 'Given the Chance' - the most recognizable track on the EP - well, it literally bounces. ‘One step at a time’, he adds a lot of elements into the track, but it doesn’t seem overcomplicated or even overloaded. The same can be said the rest of the tracks on the EP, starting slowly with 'Arcadia' and 'Words' before (literally) speeding up to 'What If'.

He enlists the help of the Tiana Khasi on 'Stone Cold', her striking vocals complimenting him perfectly and even bringing an urban garage like sound to the track.

I’d put him up there with one of the ones to watch this year. This seems to be the start of good things so lets hope Danny gets across the pond sharpish. At the risk of repeating myself, if you download one EP this week make it this.

Written by Harriet Flook