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Raving Wild's new EP "In Solitude and Silence"

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Melancholic is a word that springs to mind for the 4-track

Underbelly2 Raving Wild is a name that creates images of wild nights, UV lights in a forest and teenage revelers with glow sticks. Perhaps the bands new EP “In Solitude and Silence” better encapsulates the bands musical outputs. Melancholic is a word that springs to mind for the 4-track, a collection of carefully sculpted songs, each set to a slow finger-picked guitar with hearty and husky, home-grown vocals. Together the parts feel like a scarf on an autumn day, comforting and familiar. For at times the EP can feel well-trodden, like Mumford and Sons with less foot stamping. “
Winterheart”, lead track of the EP, is the most subdued, nearly one riff floats the song along topped with dreamy vocals of a lost love. A subdued psychedelic guitar solo playfully dawdles in the break on “
The Night the Sky Fell”, this twist gives the EP a nice flavour, but more is needed to truly set the tracks apart.  End song “Singing to Sirens” with its harmonies give the track real depth and end the EP on a true high. It’s perhaps a formula done before, but Raving Wild with its pure vocals and structured song writing uphold the trodden path, let’s hope more straying from it from occurs in the future. 6/10