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Who Is The Mysterious Egomunk?

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

From the moment you hit play on 'Footsteps to Mars', you can tell your listening to something unique.

egomunk’s album is not only a clearly brave piece of music but is haunting and mysterious. The lyrics are truthful, creative, and the musical talent is overwhelmingly obvious. egomunk uses all the tools in the box, making you sit up and really listen. Any worries about the songs blending in to one are erased,  egomunk starts with the ethereal ‘Sea Snow’, bringing a literal feeling of calm before surprising you with the the folk-ier ‘My TV’ and finally returning to a softer sound. Throughout egomunk infuses unexpected sounds and forcing you to listen to his brilliant and creative lyrics taking you in different directions, keeping you listening and wanting more. egomunk not only entices you track by track but makes you think about the album as a whole. Throughout they leave you wandering whether they sound familiar, and whilst there are notions of other bands, egomunk is definably something you haven't listened to before.  This whole unique listening experience is further enhanced by the delivery and notion behind 'Footsteps to Mars'. The idea that 'egomunk does not believe that there should be a machine dictating the order in which we consume music' excites you and leaves you wandering more about this 'anonymous musical masterpiece'. The beauty of egomunk's 'Footsteps to Mars' is really in this mystery that surrounds it, there is no face, no names, no artist. You are left to appreciate the haunting and creative lyrics for themselves alongside the melodies behind it. They havn;t been dolled up, exaggerated or made to put on a show. Those looking for something unusual need look no further. This is an album for music lovers, those who really listen, who want to take a risk and try something different. Trust me they will be rewarded! A free download is available from Written by Harriet Flook