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Get lost in JAWS dreamy single and album 'Be Slowly'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

With a few bangs of the drums and strums of the guitar, within seconds this song is attention grabbing. Deep and dreamy vocals against the bold instruments perfects the Indie sound that is JAWS!

This feel good beat is the new single from the alternative Birmingham based band, bringing you a catchy single ‘Be Slowly’ off the new album also named ‘Be Slowly’.

With the single out 7th July this track is sure to warm up the indie demographic for festival season. The catchy single has reminiscents of The Cure and Peace which is a huge compliment to the band who are ticking all the right boxes. Having had great support from their Milkshake EP this new album which is out September 15th is sure to please their fans and gain a whole lot more. Though the track ‘Be Slowly’ holds a feel good beat and exciting catchiness, other tracks on the new album will without a doubt be just as popular such as ‘Gold’ and ‘Surround You’ where the dreamy guitar is heightened creating a chilled yet uplifting sound that makes you want to listen to more and know you’re going to enjoy it.

The album feeds a haze of positive energy that ignites your ears and makes your body move, sway and bop. If the album does this just through headphones imagine what it would be like live. High hopes for JAWS are intended as the album is down to a T with imagination, creativity and originality of the indie genre. The uplifting instruments against the droning vocals sound superb and would be ideal stood in a field with a beer in hand with the sun shining. The summer sound in which JAWS have created is an excellent soundtrack to any ones summer this year, with its fun and upbeat tempo and shadowy vocals.

The single ‘Be Slowly’ is just a taste of what the new album is about so prepare yourself and get excited for a fantastic and fun sound from JAWS these upcoming months.