REVIEW album Old Subbacultcha Old Subbacultcha

KING KOOL return with lo-fi, low tuned Scuzz Rock opus.

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Lo-tuned Rock’n’roll duo King Kool return with beastly new longplayer which brings their own brand of rock kicking and screaming into new scuzz filled territory. Hold on to your hats, prepare for the fuzz!

a1369671615_10 KING KOOL returning to the fold with a new full length LP is a great thing for the UK scene, the fact that they are bringing their unique blend of Fuzz infused Rockabilly rock’n’roll into the future with songs that literally drip with bassy, whiskey soaked grandeur is naught more than a delicious bonus. One of those bands that are near impossible to not fall in complete love with after each song they are masters are low-tuned, frantically gripping rock, they mix a Pete Murphy filtered vocal through a Black Keys-esque musical moodswings and build songs from humble and sparse beginnings into monumental towers of layered sound and dual vocalled choruses that are mixed into songs crafted from pure granite. All in all, pretty damn near perfect. SCUZZ BOMBE is a brilliant album, another example of great, well crafted, dynamically written British Rock’N’Roll, they sound at times like early Bad Seeds, at others like Black Keys quaint British cousins and at others they channel a real Bauhaus kind of dark punk feel – but always, ALWAYS, they maintain their sound, never letting go to what is theirs and always playing to their abundant strengths. As albums go, it’s a great sounding fuzzy little number poised for plenty of Summertime repeat plays, full of wonder, idea and genuine care and attention… If you like it low and dirty you really need look no further. Beautiful stuff. 8/10