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noise abatement with Pulled Apart By Horses & KHAN live

Like your ears ringing and your clothes sweaty? We do, that's why we went to see Pulled Apart By Horses and KHAN in Norwich...

Pulled Apart By Horses, live @ Epic Studios, Norwich

Pulled Apart By Horses / KHAN @ Epic Studios, Norwich – 01/05/2014

I first saw Pulled Apart By Horses at Truck Festival in 2010. I didn’t really know much about them then, but they were energetic, fun and the singer jumped on my head when I was in the photo pit – it was love at first pelt. I saw them again a few years later at the Waterfront in Norwich, which was also great, but tonight’s show stole first place in both the “best Pulled Apart By Horses shows I have seen” and the “best shows I have seen recently” ranks. Supporting the hellish Leodensians (thanks google) were Norwich’s own Khan. Sadly, tour support Wytches couldn’t make the show so Pulled Apart By Horses hand-picked Khan to replace them, and it was a match made in heaven. Imagine if Pulled Apart By Horses were a little older, less bratty and infused with some Melvins-esque metal and some Mclusky-esque bass lines and dual vocals- sounds pretty fucking magical, no? I’m usually very apprehensive of support bands, I don’t know why and it’s kind of a curse, but Khan really impressed – not just me, but most people in the crowd. If you like Pulled Apart By Horses you should most certainly check them out. So, our loins were suitably warmed for the main event, and what an event it was! Pulled Apart By Horses have to be the most energetic live band I have seen. I do have a pretty crap memory though, so I probably declare this every time I see a band with some moves about them. I think it’s true in this case though. They bounded about the stage like little rock and roll puppies, but yet still managed to perform a slick, tight and professional set. Older songs such as ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’, ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’ and ‘VENOM’ went down a storm, with the crowd immersing themselves in it all; kudos to the one young man in particular who repeatedly lost his shit and just did. not. stop. Honestly, it was great to see a crowd sing until their throats were hoarse, jump until their limbs were sore and high five the band into oblivion – British crowds, Norwich in particular, are so fucking stoic so it was a refreshing change. My only complaint is that ‘Wolf Hand’ was missing, as it’d been stuck in my head for days and I
needed to hear it by this point. Ah well. This set of gigs is a warm up tour to test out the new material from the bands, and I have to say it sounded great. Their usual high tempo, viscous approach but a little more structured and maybe a touch more of a pop element to it. I’m certainly excited to hear some new releases, so I guess that’s mission accomplished! Honestly, I wish I could watch Pulled Apart By Horses on a weekly basis – for me they just capture what a live show is about; fun, energy and giving in to the music. For a full photoset of the evening,
go HERE. Pulled Apart By Horses Tour Dates: Wed 07 May Aldershot, West End Centre Thu 08 May Kingston, McClusky's (Newslan) Fri 09 May Brighton, The Great Escape Festival Sat 10 May Southampton, Cellar Mon 12 May Exeter, Exeter Cavern Tue 13 May Plymouth, White Rabbit Wed 14 May Bath, The Nest Thu 15 May Cardiff, The Globe