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DEMS Debut Is Just... WOW!

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

“DEMS LP Muscle Memory is set to be released on the 3rd November” is a generic and bad way to start a review but I’m lost for words on what to actually say...

Possibly because I’m in awe of this electronic emotional album; instantly I am paused by the incredible and overpowering first track “Sinking In The Sorry”. Yes, these are big claims for a debut band but when you're taken aback by just the first track then this is definitely an unusual yet exciting thing.

“Sinking In The Sorry” is the perfect opening to the album as it sets the tone and mood.  With very little vocals you get a hint of what's to come in the rest of the LP. With "Muscle Memory" consisting of mainly vocals where you hear the gentle and deep tone correlating with the bass pulsations, this completes the chilled theme that is being created.

The dreamy electronic sound is created so beautifully that it almost puts you in an emotional state through being quite thought provoking, but the calm tone of the album brings you back to a relaxing state of mind. With hints of The XX and James Blake this band are producing different yet alluring music that would be amazing to see live; I have a feeling that the sound being created would be idyllic to see in the same way Alt- J are.  Obviously meaning this band have a particular demographic that would appreciate them, me being one of them.

“Wake” is a pivotal song as it has more of a drum and bass sound that's highlighted with the vocals being echoed perfectly. The constant outburst of pulsations throughout the soft background shows the layers of this manipulated sound where the whirring comes together in a creative collectiveness.

The reoccurring echoes convey a build up to a soft yet powerful climax; DEMS leave us with “Night Tales” being the final track which ultimately portrays the darkness of the LP.  Muscle Memory is fantastic captivating the emotions of the listener and would be pretty incredible live.

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DEMS Soundcloud page. Written by Hannah West