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Dark & Sinister, Brother James' Self-Titled Debut Is Brilliantly Crafted

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Here at Subba-Cultcha we’re always delighted when bands and artists get in contact to highlight the fruits of their labour.  We understand it’s a huge under-taking to go about the process of self-promotion to climb the various wrungs of the ladder of the music industry.

Spootnik cover art Many of the bands we interview that would be classed to have “made it” highlight the sheer tenacity they had to have to complete this monumental task.  Whether it’s contacting every publisher you think will write about your music or gigging every night of the week wherever you’re allowed to plug in an Amp it’s a humongous task that has many risks but the rewards can be plenty. As we were recently asked, is it really enough to put your track on Soundcloud and hope you find an audience? Brother James were not guilty of doing this.  They obviously have a Soundcloud page - the link below will lead you to it - but more importantly Boris from the band got in contact and politely highlighted their self-titled/produced debut and left the rest to us. As we always highlight, we will endeavour to listen to everything we’re sent and we’re so glad we do as its pays huge dividends. Arno (guitar / bass), Boris (bass / guitar), Olivier (guitar, vocals) and Sebastian (drums) from Toulon have crafted a deliciously dark and haunting LP that flows fantastically well.  Olivier’s vocals range from enchanting to aggressive and the energy created from the opening “Little Princess” hooks you in. Songs such as “Uranism” and “Shellac” highlight the range of the band is huge and they’re technically very gifted.  It’s almost a blend of Radiohead and QOTSA; dark, defined, phenomenally produced and electric to listen to. Boris, thanks for getting in touch, I’m a massive fan and I can’t wait to hear more from you and the rest of Brother James.  The album is available in September in partnership with Desertion Records.