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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux) returns to the frontline of music with the lysergic synth pop of Black Bananas…

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: “I often catch myself thinking, 'what the hell is Jennifer Herrema doing these days?' It’s been way too long since Royal Trux were sprinkling their psyched-up blues rawk around the land, and we were all wishing she’d keep a toe in the musical waters as well as following her other muse, fashion. Fortunate for us all she’s back under the guise of Black Bananas. Listening to latest single ‘Physical Emotions’ you can hear that there’s the lysergic otherworldliness of Animal Collective if they’d been raised on Fat Larry’s Band & Jermaine Stewart and armed with Vocoders instead of acoustic guitars. Shape-shifted, mangled and fused together with moments of Prince-like synth-pop wondrousness fed through a Hudson Mohawke-processor (if such a thing existed, we’d buy one with all the money we have saved, if it doesn’t exist, then why the hell not?) – warped beyond recognition and sonically taking on the colourful elements of a rainbow and fusing it with a Unicorn – Ok, that last part might not be possible, but after listening to this track you’ll feel as if anything is possible, because it’s just so out there. A stunning return to form from a genuine legend. Can’t wait for the album to come!!! Sample the track for yourself at the bottom of this article…”
black bananas Jennifer's embodiment of the rock n roll life has won her a legion of freaks and fans since the early days of Royal Trux - a time when she first stepped to the front of the stage and did nothing other than stand there for a LONG time before she sang - and still blow away the band, the room, and what seemed to be her mind too! Or was that just a part of the vision that she was putting in our mind? It's to hard to know....which is why we are telling you. It's on purpose, man. Jennifer understands subliminal and cut-up and misdirection, all that lends weight to the hammer she's swinging. It's a straight-ahead approach that's underscored by the in-between things. Like for instance, Jennifer's highly influenced by television and the switching of channels.....watching old shit in HD and new HD shit on her phone. Flip the script, in her hands it'd work just as well upside down and backwards. Since those early days riding the Trux all over the place, Jennifer's been sought out by would-be stylemasters from everywhere seeking her vibe to help them profile their work - and eventually, to just have her tell them what to do, since she obviously had such a righteous idea of her own to begin with. "PHYSICAL EMOTIONS" 7" SINGLE AVAILABLE 4/21, ELECTRIC BRICK WALL LP DUE 6/23 BOTH VIA DRAG CITY