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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Post-Hardcore given a new melodic direction and a stunning array of influences...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: “There was a time when the post-hardcore scene was getting swallowed up by pop-punk bands trying to harden their edge and metalcore bands dressing up like cock rockers and wishing they were A7X. Fortunately the EDM scene has confused many of them and whilst they’re toiling away trying to merge Dubstep sounds with their metallic pop, some genuinely great bands can finally get the attention they deserve. One of those bands who deserve the attention is Plymouth-based Patrons, and their self-titled debut EP is full of many great moments with a great hybrid of influences being forced into something urgent and cohesive. There’s the melodic bent that Thrice and Against Me brought to their music being paired with the primal and direct sound that Modern Life Is War made so appealing. At moments there’s even the epic and ingeniously dynamic sound of Thursday bubbling underneath the surface. The vocals sound so emotive throughout; a primal scream of sorts, revealing the tense interplay going on underneath the music; on the point of breaking but always with a deft ear for melodies that explode on contact. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming interview and enjoy their music at the bottom of this article.”
patrons Formed in 2013, Patrons come from the city by the sea, Plymouth, UK. Born out of long-standing friendships and a common love of the unconventional, Patrons make a noise that gives a nod to the expanse of bands like This Will Destroy You and Thrice, yet also a tip of the hat to the stop-start rhythms of bands like Reuben and La Dispute. Having always been inspired by the attitude of the DIY scene, they pass on gimmicks and clichés. Instead, Patrons deliver a refreshingly pure musical experience to anyone willing to listen. “Inclusive is the word, I think” says guitarist Mark Hoynes. “Anyone can come to a show or listen to our songs and enjoy it, it's not necessarily exclusive to age, what you wear or what you think, anyone is free to join in.” On stage is where Patrons are most comfortable. There is no template. Everything you see is natural and completely in the moment. This makes each and every show a completely unique and engaging experience. Shaking off common perceptions of what a live show has become, you won't find them coercing the crowd to move forward, mosh or stage dive. Instead you will witness an intense, dynamic and visceral show from four guys who whole-heartedly believe in what they’re doing. The band are currently building up to the release of their self-titled EP on limited Cassette Tape with free online download through ‘I Hate It Records’ on the 31st March. The EP was recorded by James Bragg at Middle Farm Studios in the rolling countryside of Devon, UK in August 2013. The band are preparing plans to extensively tour the UK and mainland Europe through October and November 2014, with dates throughout the spring and summer in support of the self titled EP. [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=147575101 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]