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Subba-Cultcha's Top 5 Artists To Keep An Eye On In 2015

2014 has proven to be a very significant year in the ever changing music industry, with the popular comeback of Vinyl sales and an all time new for number 1’s to be reached through streaming. It has also been a very exciting year for us here at Subba-Cultcha, with the very first club night in Camden joined by a bunch of great partners such as Propaganda's Electric Monkey. But the most important and exciting thing about this year was discovering new artists... and we just can’t shut up about them! No doubt 2015 will be a great year for music but also for the artists we believe have the potential and talent. So here it is, Subba-Cultcha’s Top 5 Artists to keep your eye on in 2015...

1. Beaty Heart


Need I say more. After discovering them at the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury this year we’ve done nothing but keep our eye on them. 2014 has been a great year for Beaty Heart as they were on tour with Jungle which definitely helped increase their fan base and visibility in the industry, also leading to their top hit “Seafood” being played on Made In Chelsea. Their Indie experimental sound is charismatic and joyful, with their incredible album Mixed Blessings out earlier this year, here at Subba-Cultcha we impatiently wait for their next album. Also, they're f***ing awesome live.

2. The Glass Caves

Performed for us at our event in Camden not too long ago and they without a doubt had the biggest crowd of the night. That performance definitely put them on the map with people talking about them the next day. Their Indie Rock sound is feel good and just enough rock to let you head bang and a go a little crazy to. Glass Caves album Alive also came out earlier this year and should have been in your Christmas stocking, if not then this is a band I recommend you to see live in 2015. “Why Stay?” is a top track!

3. Years & Years

years and years

We've been big fans of Years and Years for a while now and 2014 saw their ever growing fan base, well, continue to grow! However we think 2015 will definitely be the year for these guys. With praise from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Years & Years have already sold out shows for next year. The Electronic Pop band have a refreshing sound and mind blowing vocals that just hit you and don’t let go. With just singles and EP’s out at the moment, a full album is on the cards for Years & Years. If you haven’t heard “Take Shelter” you must be living on Mars.

4. Wild Smiles

wild smiles!

The heaviest sound in our list, this is what makes them different and what I like. Yes, they sound Indie and have a fast rhythm but it’s the deep sharp vocals that cast them to the Brit Pop/Rock genre. With hints of Grunge and Surf Pop it’s as if Wild Smiles are a little bit of everything. Their album Always Tomorrow was released in October this year and it’s a very good album yet the pinnacle track is “Never Wanted This”, 2015 will be a helping hand for this band and I hope to see them at Festivals such a Reading where they will fit in perfectly.

5. Honeyblood


Is it bad if I say I saved the best to last? Newbies and the only females in our list are Honeyblood. The duo from Glasgow who somehow popped up out of nowhere, took control of my mind and they are all I can think about. Their album Choker was released in October this year and it’s probably the best album I’ve listened to this year. If you don’t see this band at a festival in 2015 then you can give me a slap on the wrist because this band will do incredible things in the future and I don’t hesitate when I say that. With hints of Deap Vally, Honeyblood have a softer sound that doesn’t make them any less cool but somewhat more definable and desirable. Words by Hannah West