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TRAAMS, The Wytches and Drenge make fans go wild

Drenge headline a sold out  show at Scala as part of the NME Awards Shows


Drenge @ Scala, 20-02-2014

Drenge headlined the NME Awards Show taking place in a sold out Scala with support coming from TRAAMS and The Wytches. Long queues of teenagers outside the north London venue before the doors opened were suggesting it would be a packed and intense gig. The first act to take the stage was TRAAMS, a grunge trio hailing from Chichester who delivered a loud rock filled of distorted guitars, raw and wailing vocals and banging drums. Their performance on stage was very energetic and culminated with an instrumental finale where you would expect the band to smash their guitars on the floor. Despite their aggressive and noisy melodies which were vaguely reminiscent of Nirvana and early Modest Mouse, the response of the crowd was however rather reserved.
IMG_1504 The audience might have not been very familiar with TRAAMS but as soon as The Wytches stepped onto the stage the crowd went mental in a tumultuous and riotous mosh pit. The surf doom 3-piece band sounded like the heavy version of The White Stripes and the singer seemed possessed by the devil while shaking his long hair in the fog generated by the smoke machine. His screaming voice was at times remindful of Slipknot but the agitated fans enjoyed the angry and dark vibes of The Wytches throughout their show while sounding mediocre and tedious.
IMG_1540 Drenge finally came on stage and from the opening 
People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck the people were singing along and jumping up and down. The grunge duo, consisting of Eoin Loveless on vocals and guitar and his younger brother Rory on drums, played a very lively and entertaining set which included almost entirely their self-titled debut album, the B-side 
Necromance Is Dead and a bunch of unreleased tracks such as 
Standing In The Cold
Running Wild and 
The Snake. Every track was performed straight after the other with no interruptions and a captivating dynamism. The fast and spectacular 
I Wanna Break You In Half was grunge at his best. The crescendo of 
Let’s Pretend made the bouncing crowd go wild but the palpable excitement of the fans peaked with the singles 
Bloodsports and 
Backwaters. The melodic 
Fuckabout concluded a great performance and it did not matter much if there was no song left for an encore having played their entire repertoire in 50 minutes.