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Exciting new psych rock band Sultan Bathery release their debut album!

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Italian psychedelic garage-rock band Sultan Bathery impress Subba-Cultcha with their debut self-titled record.


Sultan Bathery - S/T - Out now on Slovenly Recordings.

After doing a little travelling to places such as India, it would seem Sultan Bathery took inspiration from their surroundings when they decided on the band name. 'Sultan Bathery' which according to the band was "the worst place we've ever been to", clearly took the Italian rockers interest enough to name their band after it! Perhaps the remote location boasting some cultural eye-pop-outs, and a little smoke of something enchanted the band more than ever to have taken first place on the list of possible names.

So, you like fuzzy guitar sounds? You are a fan of the likes of Black Lips? This band are certainly for you there is no doubt about that. The comparisons to bands like Black Lips have been made in abundance and it's an undeniable likeness, you can't lie, however we at Subba-Cultcha are big supporters of music that has passion and some kind of enigmatic essence to it. Sultan Bathery's music has that, so it's as simple as, we like it. After releasing some singles, having EP's under their wing, playing at the infamous Primavera Sound last summer, and gracing the stages through the US,  this guitar distortion-filled psychedelic bomb of sound that is Sultan Bathery, seem to be on their way to goodness.


The reverb heavy elements to this bands sound are key to their character while running along side that, the ever-present old raw rock 'n' roll catchy effect seems to be the perfect side dish to accompany the luscious rich song structures.  Tracks such as 'Satellite' and 'Mirror' throw so much 60's-esque distortion and psychedelia into things, it's an album that would be most welcome to get the party started. Boasting a ton of energy, snappy consistent drumming and catchy hooks in the melodies, Sultan Bathery have got it right.

 While this band are never short of catchy memorable melodies, things at times get a little samey, but having said that,  it can be a term to be excused in some ways as often this type of 60's reminiscent psych can sound very similar. A unique singer is always something we enjoy within these realms of psych rock, and ladies and gents, this band have a rather fly sounding vocalist. Sitting on top of the fuzzed-out guitar riffs, a howling echoing voice is that perfect addition . Things are kept interesting on this self-titled album with the rhythmic and blues infused 'On The Run' then doing a turn into the ultimately fuzzy and groovin' 'Talk With You' that evokes similarities with the likes of
Ty Segall.
Slovenly Records have churned out another banger of a release. This album has oh so much character, oomph and treats of the best type of lo-fi garage rock that we could hope for. Thumbs up from us, Sultan Bathery can rock.   Click the following link to get your own copy of the album: