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Can I Tempt you Within? Within Temptation rock Wembley

An eruption of flames illuminates the stage to showcase five figures against a dark background with shapes of two dragons curling to meet the centre of the stage. Roaring chords echo and flood the arena which creates a howl from the audience, suddenly, incredible high pitched vocals correlate with the sound from the guitars maximising the intense atmosphere. Almost creating something epic!
Dutch Metal band
Within Temptation played or should I say rocked Wembley Arena on 12
th April, showcasing their immense rock talent, with electrifying guitar riffs, riotous drums, operative keyboard skills and incredible vocals from Sharon den Adel which had me hypnotised. Right from the moment the fire burst the silence, the energy from Within Temptation only increased throughout. With intimate moments such as an Acoustic set and Sharon speaking of a young man who committed suicide for being gay, portraying the honest message of “be who you are!”, then holding a glass of red wine to salute and thank the audience for their support. Though, at times when the band were moving around the stage to motivate the audience it almost looked too choreographed and that some members had their feet glued to the stage. But nonetheless the music itself created a menacing environment where the audience could completely lose themselves and rock out too. The foot stomping and head banging rhythm unified the angelic echoing vocals that ultimately took my breath away.

In spite of this during what seemed to be an interval, a short video was played which portrayed church like symphonised vocals and violins. I was waiting for the epicness to proceed but the next performance didn’t quite live up to the prelude. However, the epicness I longed for was kept like a secret til the end. The Encore left me with my mouth open and wanting more, with the powerful “What have you done?” and a very unusual, unsuspecting cover of Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime Sadness” which was fun, commanding and proved that the bands energy remained and heightened. Finally closing the concert with more fire flames and extreme, face scrunching guitar playing and heavy drums. Within Temptation convey what Metal at its best is about- head banging and feet stomping ferociously with a big grin on your face, just losing yourself and having a rad time. The constant energy and effort from the band was respected by the audience’s applause and cheering, pin pointing the true talent of this heavy but heartfelt band.

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