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Hummus records releases Swiss art-rock trio WELINGTON IRISH BLACK WARRIOR's debut…

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Twisted noise-art trio
Welington Black Irish Warrior release LP debut
VAFANCUNEO, a jagged edged art-rock exhibition and experiment in the deconstruction of music.

a0260028783_10 Switzerland is an enigmatic place, just as soon as you start thinking you have the place pinned down and a decent angle on the crazy vistas and chocolate and alps – you are bombarded by bands seeping like lava out of its mysterious cevices and hidey-holes… Hummus Records - Switzerland’s premiere underground conduit and label to acts as eclectic and magical as Ølten, Coilguns, Ash Is A Robot and Fawns – has done it again by releasing a band that sound like they are scientifically deconstructing the concepts and conceits of “music” with each track on a album that is part way between a Joy Division sonic experimentation and moody atmospherical indie rock and part way Death From Above fuzz-bomb rock… This is a heady mix of broken lo-fi production, repeated vocal motifs and guitars that sound like components of a automotive factory being auto-tuned and integrated into a Nine Inch Nails b-side. The music is a daunting, messy wall of raw performance and production that sounds like utilized a mashing machine on spin dry for somewhere to hold the amp mics. I can’t begin to say I “like” this, but I am damned intrigued by it, and repeat listens make me pick out more and more of the extraordinary anti-production, and thus makes the songs come more alive. It’s a hard listen, it’s a hard pill to swallow – but it is a rewarding one, full of intriguing and testing little ticks and treats and something that could bare future repeats if only to try and emulate the sound of the guitars as they are on the track FASCINATION, a dark, ambient epic that sprawls and falls apart before ending in a wall of feedback and amp fuzz. Much like the band themselves, this is a jaunty, odd little release, and no mistake. But give it a go, I reckon you could fall for a lot of what’s on offer. 7/10