REVIEW album Old Subbacultcha Old Subbacultcha

Twinesuns, the German two piece Drone outfit release the soundtrack to the coming apocalypse – THE LEAVING.

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

An experiment in the dynamics of heavy, Teutonic two piece experimental metallers release debut LP on Hummus Records, prepare ears and lungs for sonic cascade.

THE LEAVING is less an album and more a sonic endurance test. the musical equivalent of the bleep test in school, you press play and crank the volume, and are invited to run and keep up for as long as you can, leaving you inevitably a sweaty broken and fractured shell of a man at the end. Twinesuns is the outcome of a meeting of two unique minds, C of the german noisecore outfit NVRVD and Thor Ohe – upon discussing why albums needed to be so clean and cover up mistakes, why drums and bass was so necessary in modern rock and whether you could deconstruct a band and a record down to nothing but its essential elements. Twinesuns was born. THE LEAVING is an extraordinary, if somewhat testing, result of what the band are calling “Concerto for two guitars and moog” a stripped to the barebones sonic experiment in layering noise and rhythm and sound and making “music” that is at once beautifully sparse and fractured and cinematic grand and epic.
Is it any easy album? No.
In a word. It is testing, it can be droning and monotonous and it can drag on one or two motifs for an age before finding its path and looping back to a start or ending as it sees fit.
Is this worth it? Absolutely. It is one of the most deliberately slowburning albums you could hope for, devoid of voice, drums or bass, it is two guitars and a moog layering upon each other creating some crazy sound lasagne and laughing all the way to the bank. If you are a fan of
Sunn 0))) then this is your kind of music. An expressive, purposefully difficult and wonderfully cinematic score like as you could hope, it also pops and zings with life and love and is endrenched in a class all of its own. Plug in, tune out, turn off baby. 7/10