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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Complex, inventive and irrepressibly melodic - say hello to Japan's Lite.

SUBBA-CULTCHA SAYS: "Avant-rock four-piece Lite cement a decade of creative exploration on their fourth and finest album, ‘Installation’, soon to see a UK/European release.  Among the record’s most striking cuts, ‘Bond’ captures their distinctive collision of playful guitar work, rhythmic complexity and genuine heft, strong melodic overtones pulling the whole package together. They prioritise invention over the worship of technological gimmicks (unlike some of their peers) while drummer Akinori Yamamoto is superb throughout, underpinning the flighty, elaborate six-string wizardry of Kozo Kusumoto and Nobuyuki Takeda, along with bassist Jun Izawa. Post- and math-rock devotees of all persuasions need to sit up and take notice – give ‘Bond’ a spin, and you’ll need a pneumatic drill to dig it out again. You can hear it below, and keep checking back for further coverage."
lite pic This coming February will see the UK/EU release of ‘Installation’, the latest record from Tokyo instrumental quartet LITE. The album is jam-packed with an embarrassment of riches, fusing together their signature Math-rock sound with nuances of jazz and electronica to create an exhilarating listening experience from start to finish. A mainstay in the Japanese charts and something of an institution in their homeland, ‘Installation’ is the band’s fourth album since their inception in 2003 and serves as their first collaboration with London-based label Blood and Biscuits.
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