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Silverstein Return With 'I Am Alive In Everything I Touch'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The Canadian five piece have been around the block a couple of times. In fact, they recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the release of the acclaimed ‘Discovering the Waterfront’, which you can read about here. Now, we see them on the verge of releasing their 8th studio album, ‘I Am Alive in Everything I Touch’, which will be available come May 18th and I should warn you... prepare to have it on repeat for weeks.

Silverstein are known for concept albums and this time is no different. The 12 track album is split into four chapters; Borealis, Austeralis, Zephyrus and Eurus, or North, South, West and East - each chapter containing actual clips recorded in that region.

“All the city clips we recorded, the transitions, and making sure the concept really worked and told this story of loneliness despite being surrounded by so much excitement. As much as I’ve put myself out there over all the records we’ve done, there’s something more real about this one.  At times I almost stopped myself and said, is this going too far?  Am I going to say something I’m going to regret?  And after taking a step back and a few breaks from writing, I decided I needed to do this.” says vocalist Shane Told.

Borealis’ “A Midwestern State of Emergency” was streaming back in January, along with the release of the music video (below). The opening guitar riff is reason enough to listen to this record - full-bodied and moreish, it’s hard not to hit repeat on this one.

“Buried at Sea” comes from Austeralis - a galvanised track that marries Told’s dark screams with heavy chugs, while it battles a sing-songy chorus. Silverstein has always been good at perfect contradictions, like light and dark, heavy and lively.

Zephyrus presents “Milestone”, which sees Told kick off with an emotional, ‘I am alive in everything I though’, before the high octane drumming and saucy riff rockets the song forward. This one is a personal favourite, as it’s so diverse and spirited.

Eurus’ “In the Dark”, is brooding storm. The song builds with a galloping drumbeat, bursts of guitar work and Shane’s voice melodically carrying the listener toward a thundering breakdown.

Silverstein’s a band that has continually progressed; always pulling off bigger choruses, smarter song-writing, pluckier riffs and just pushing themselves harder, while maintaining that uniqueness that defines them. All in all, a quality record, but do we really expect anything less from this potent ensemble.

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Words by Renette van der Merwe