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Yearbook and Brawlers celebrate new releases at Birthdays

Two bands that we've been championing on the site recently, Yearbook and Brawlers both released EPs on the same day not long ago and to celebrate, the fine chaps at Brain Wave put on a release show at Birthdays in Dalston.
Sadly, we missed opening acts The New Tusk and Gunning for Tamar, but we did arrive just in time to see Brawlers take to the stage.

brawldays Brawlers

Armed with six songs that are as catchy as can be, the Leeds punk rockers fly around the stage while vocalist Harry succeeds in winning over the crowd with his charm. Songs like 'Instagram Famous' and 'Mothers and Fathers' have everyone moving and they will have definitely picked up some new fans tonight. Busting out tracks from the EP 'I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit', their music might be harmless fun, but their intentions to be heard are no laughing matter. We can definitely see these guys going the way that Gnarwolves have gone and they'll no doubt be playing to bigger audiences soon.

yearbookbdays Yearbook

Slightly more serious, but no less talented, Yearbook take to the stage to round off the evening, bringing with them some rather fancy shirts. Dubbing themselves as 'passive/aggressive' their new EP 'Old Bones' is an introverted yet raucous affair and it comes across well live. 'Classic Literature' is already going down a storm live with the mighty line 'I am Napoleon, I'm changing the rules' being chanted back at the band already by the audience.

As release shows go, tonight was about as good as it can get. Good people, no pretence, great bands and a DIY spirit. What more do you need?