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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Brutal metallic onslaught from the Midlands…

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: “WOW! The moment I hit the play button my desk started to shake, my mugs full of either half drunken coffee or comedic pencils given to me as presents over the year start to tremble, the paper clips look like they’re roaches trying to mate each other amidst some ritualistic boogaloo dance that only insects know. This is heavy, hard hitting, brutal metal which will have you taking whatever petty frustrations you have in life out on either your neck muscles (from moshing deliriously) or any inanimate object nearby. It has the demonic riffage of prime Haunted via the varied rhythmic pummelling of Unearth, shorn of their thrash influences, instead focusing purely on the groove between those brutal chugging riffs. Its unrelenting nature brings to mind Ion Dissonance, but without the overly tech-minded approach, keeping it fresh throughout. Sample the track for yourselves at the bottom of this article and keep an eye out for forthcoming interview with the band.”
laysiegeMidlands quartet Lay Siege have released their first single with new vocalist Carl Brown. The track entitled 'A Fictional Sound' is also the first track from the bands eagerly anticipated debut album, set for a 2014 release. "We've been working on the new material for nearly a year now, so it's nice to get some new music released. These will be the first tracks released with me on vocals, so that's really exciting for me personally.” explained Carl. Since the departure of their former vocalist Konrad Barrick, the band have been working hard on new material only breaking for some special one off shows "The first shows with the band have been amazing, there has been a great reception from our fans.” continued Carl "We've got half of the album recorded, the rest will be recorded early next year. We're really, really happy with how it's sounding!" Download for free by