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Skindred Release New Album "KILL THE POWER" to reclaim the UK Rock Throne.

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Never ones to stray too far from a tried and tested idea, Skindred return with more Ragga-Metal dipped in Dub, Reggae and Rock - it's a groove-filled explosion of noise from the Heart of Wales.

ktppackshot Benji Webbe has long been a cherished Jewell in Britain's Rock Crown. His CV reads like a novel, his work is a plethora of musical endeavours that bring into play collaborations with bands as diverse as Sepultura, Deftones, Soulfly and Papa Roach. He is a much sought after guest artiste and a much loved DJ peddling his wares all around Europe in his off times with Skindred. Skindred itself is a band he has fronted for ten years now - steering through a back catalogue of ridiculously catchy songs and an army of supporters, therefore, it is silly to think that he and the band would ever stray too far from a tried and tested blueprint that allows the band to make their supporters happy and build upon a trademark sound that no one else is anywhere near close to emulating. KILL THE POWER is another entry into the brilliant catalogue - it has a few low points, moments of head shaking cheese - but it is nearly overflowing with moments of eye popping invention and craft and magic that you will really forget the bad points pretty quickly. The songs are fit to bursting with groove and concise and pinpoint hooks and riffs that just take you along like a toboggan ride of soul and rich, lovely vibe, Benji's velvet lyricism is mostly as sharp as an assassins blade - misfiring on Opening track
KILL THE POWER with some tiny cringe inducing lyrical allusions, most dragging it back from the edge with his mastery of chorus and bridging the quirky spaces between storyteller and sage lyrical wizard. Songs like THE KIDS ARE RIGHT NOW are hugely anthemic slices of sound, demanding multi plays and singalongs.
DIMES AND DOLLARS has an amazing outro where the vocals and a stripped back Lo-Fi drum fill repeat until Mr Webbe gives up and cuts it to a finish,
NINJA is a typical Skindred skankalong - full of charming hooks and big stupid choruses that the kids will go mental for. More often than not the band just nail their sound to a mast and go bat-shit crazy in ways that are designed, tried and tested to make a crowd go into frenzy. You have to admire it, you have to love it, it's Skindred - they are the only band in the world who can make this kind of music and make it sound so urgent and needed and right now, when - in reality, this is an offshoot of a long dead genre of Nu-Metal that bands like ILL NINO and POD tried and failed to harness - which bands like PAPA ROACH took stabs at before backing off and leaving it for masters. Skindred are masters - and though this is not their best album to date - in my honest opinion
UNION BLACK nailed that pleasure, It is up there with some of the best music being created in the UK right now and this has the quirk of also having massive transatlantic appeal. And good on 'em. They work hard, they release albums regularly and they clearly love their audience. So put it in the CD tray, crank the volume and let it wash over you like a fine Caribbean sunshine. You'll remember why you loved this band within one song. Promise. 8/10