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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Chaotic future punk from Birmingham...

: "Gaining in notoriety through a stretch of manic, self-destructive live shows (head-wounds, trashed stages and all) Birmingham’s Youth Man collide the snarling, nihilistic bite of punk with a skewed melodic sensibility, exhuming the spirit of riot grrl on debut EP ‘Bad Weather’. Kaila Whyte makes for an electrifying force at centre-stage and latest single ‘Heavy Rain’ shows her frenzied side, backed by some dextrous bass-flourishes, a relentless percussive barrage and riffs you could land a plane on. The trio’s inventive, hyperactive approach to composition has won them admirers in high places, and for good reason, ‘Bad Weather’ proving as diverse as it is forceful. As an undeniably punchy centrepiece, though, ‘Heavy Rain’ is a great place to start. Check out the track below, and keep your eyes peeled for an interview."
Youth Man pic Formed in January 2012, these high school best friends were all musicians but had never played in a band together; bored of seeing the same predictable shit bands at bars they decided to start jamming. Youth Man are all about unbridled X-Ray Spex-tinged passion and the high velocity punk energy of legendary Welsh trio Mclusky mixed with an artistic edge that leans towards The Dead Kennedys’ trippier moments – throwing caution to the wind, saying "f**k it" and smashing your guitar into a thousand sweat-soaked pieces.
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