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Fight Like Apes return to brighten our lives with new EP 'Whigfield Sextape'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

They've been quiet since 2010's 'The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner' but Fight Like Apes are back with exuberant EP 'Whigfield Sextape'


Fight Like Apes - Whigfield Sextape Out 12/05/2014 via Alcopop! Records

First, let’s make time to really take in this EP’s title and give it the kudos it deserves. Whigfield Sextape. Yep. I’ve been a Fight Like Apes admirer since I first heard ‘Tie Me Up With Jackets’ on a Smalltown America blog (one of my favourite labels) in 2009 and have followed their career since then. I’ve never been an avid, diehard fan however, but I’ve seen them live a few times, checked out each of their releases and generally enjoyed what they do – especially live. For some reason, maybe my own laziness, they’ve never been a band I return to often but I think that’s all set to change with the release of this new EP. To be completely honest, I have a feeling my summer sound track is here. I want to put on some bright clothes, stick my headphones in and skip around my beautiful city whilst these songs blast through my ears. Of course, it’s all very recognisable as Fight Like Apes, the band have really managed to create a style and sound that is truly theirs; their slightly cartoonish twist on electro-meets-pop-rock, narrated by MayKay’s quirky, passionate vocals with some slight chanting, a lot of energy and killer hooks. ‘Whigfield Sextape’ certainly does not shy away from this distinct formula and thankfully it sounds like it has been honed in and built upon rather than being tired or formulaic. The songs are perfectly structured yet still fun, sound accomplished and have been stuck in my head ever since my first listen. That might be because I’ve had opening track ‘Crouching Bees’ on repeat a fair bit but nevertheless, it’s a catchy little number. All four tracks are excellent though, and if you need a little light in your life or a little injection of fun in your stereo, you should give this a listen. 8/10