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Amen Dunes release new album via Sacred Bones titled 'Love'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The low-key, heartwarming haunting styles of Amen Dunes continues with a more exploratory mood in the new album release.

amen Relatively new arrival on the scene Amen Dunes is a pure delight once discovered. The project of Damon McMahon embodies a true essence of originality whilst catching styles of psychedelia and folk along the way. Lucky old label Sacred Bones really can credit themselves for finding the unusual and precious talents that no one else has got to first, and hats off to them as well, people are taking notice and so they should. Emotions are unmissable in each track that fold into this album titled 'Love'; you can imagine sitting on a rock edge looking out over a stunning precipice of nature to this album. The music is moving, and Damon's voice is as hauntingly nostalgic as ever. Recorded in Montreal with members of
Godspeed You! Black Emperor,
Dave Bryant and
Efrim Menuck, this album sifts through different enchanting moods, sunning your skin with pretty melodies and dreamy echoing drum beats. Additions of the piano and delay on the electric guitar, at times surf you through more upbeat tracks such as "Rocket Flare" and " I Can't Dig It";  perhaps there is more of a continuous banner held from Damon's previous album
Through Donkey Jaw with these songs. Pretty little trippy mournful number "Everybody Is Crazy" is one song you do not miss. Stick this on when driving into the distance somewhere, light up a cigarette and gaze out at our mystical world. The marvel that is
Colin Stetson also appears on this album confirming that Damon is becoming more exploratory and collaborative rather than a complete solo project, which is good in terms of mixing it up. No one can deny the individuality of sound that is Amen Dunes, nor the true feeling in every word sung and every guitar note strummed. Perhaps from time to time you want a little more fire of something different from Damon, but having said that, his last album was quite different to this one so maybe each creation he floats past us will have its own story to tell... either way, we like what Amen Dunes is all about and we are eager to hear more in the future! 6/10 Amen Dunes is the support act for the mighty Mac Demarco! Make sure you find yourself at one of the shows. Those two... at one show? You'd be crazy not to. Amen Dunes is also playing at Jabberwocky Festival in the UK this summer. Make sure you also get to see that.