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New Artist Of The Day; The Incredible Magpie Band

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

  Introducing the upbeat sounds of The Incredible Magpie Band and their double A-side single "This Chose Me/Money".

No matter what your views on Liam Gallagher as a human being, his musical credentials are pretty impressive.  So when he highlights his support for a band - "Listen up there’s only 1 high flying bird and that’s The Incredible Magpie Band" - it's normally a good call to have a listen.

So with that in mind, I thought, what the hell why not give these guys a go and see what's what.  Now the beauty of this job is that sometimes when you press play the track provides you with something completely different to what you were expecting.  So on this occasion when I pressed play expecting to here a return to early Oasis roots (I still have no idea why this was going through my mind?!) I was totally surprised and massively impressed.

The 60's influence is apparent for all to hear with a sound reminiscent of early The Who or The Kinks . Combine that with notes of The Coral and you've got one hell of a sound... which is why I'm going to have to side with Liam on this one and wholly recommend the 5 piece from Wakefield.

Everything starts to fit together when you find out the producer of the debut double A-side single (released 15th Sept) was none other than Zak Starkey, so you can understand how these influences were brought to life in the most fantastic fashion.  Press play and find out for yourself. For The Incredible Magpie Band Facebook page
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