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Purity Ring Pour Pure Passion Into ‘Another Eternity’

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Megan James’s silky-smooth voice is tipped delicately over Colin Roddick’s interstellar instrumentals once again to harden and form the Techno-pop sensation known as ‘Purity Ring’. They return to reach the stars figuratively and quite literally with their triumphant second album ‘Another Eternity’.


Their 2015 release transports you to a virtual universe of endless new wave and fluid contemporary R&B. Each artificial drumbeat injects a surge of electricity that courses through your body as breathy lyrics take form and embrace every nerve ending in one swift masterstroke.

‘Heartsigh’ is an appropriate title for this passionately sweet, corporeal opening to the album before it takes flight through the air. Burning through the Mesosphere, the album continues to raise temperatures with the extremely memorable tracks ‘Bodyache’ and ‘Push Pull’. Eventually reaching a crescendo in the thermosphere, the speakers begin to vibrate as they practically tremor under the weight of the deep beats and seductive singing. Reaching its most powerful and passionate songs, (including, ‘Repetition’ and ‘Begin Again’) the duo clutch their microphone and soundboard as they breach the exosphere and drift above as the Earth and Moon.

The word ‘Love’ is most commonly associated with the classical definition of love between two individuals. The Shakespearian play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, being the first to coin the phrase that ‘Love is Eternal’ even through death, and there are moments through various tracks that death is the focus on the topic of love. That, being eternal, it can easily be manipulated into pain rather than pleasure. Even through moments of searing happiness, the heart aches to think back on past memories of moments lost and those that have left our lives. Regardless of the albums up-beat tempo and seductive time signatures, the message still stands as a serious part of their new work. Whether it is through exhausted efforts or the test of time, ‘death’ is an inevitability.

Sweet and deliciously addictive, this Canadian duo goes together like peaches and cream, leaving a desirable aftertaste and a craving for more. Their interplanetary anthems mixed with the heart-spoken lyrics, form an atmosphere that smothers the room, releasing an outer-body experience of floating into the unknown. With each verse carrying poetic grace and intertwining like lovers interlocked, the energy to command an audience of endless proportion becomes more than plausible. ‘Another Eternity’ will give ‘Purity Ring’ a strong opportunity for a recognisable seat in the world of Music.

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Words by Nathan Roach