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Light You Up's Debut Stands Up For Youth Culture

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

‘Light You Up’ with their forthcoming album ‘All We’ve Ever Known’, bring to the table a sound that seems to echo an ideal that challenges what so many have regrettably come to determine and accept as normality in today’s society.

The monotonous concept of routine and ‘drone culture’, has been metaphorically shouldered and harnessed to the backs of the youth population, leaving our predecessors with a sense of lost faith for the future of social order, due to consistent trouble with various adolescent discrepancies. This notion however, is confronted and questioned by this 5 piece quintet as to whether there is actually need for concern.

Songs such as ‘Breathe’ for example, examine how even though youth culture is labelled with the same pubescent ignorance, they are still the generation that will go on to not only to inherit the world, but to also improve it in the way that they see fit. To take the lessons they learn from past generations or change them in a way of improvement so that those who care may breathe a sigh of relief.

Throughout the album, other topics are also discussed such as brash allegations from the senior population, who all forget the truth that they were once young themselves, and just as naïve to the consequences or benefits to any action or reaction.

If the well-addressed meaning isn’t enough for their listeners, they also deliver an energetic, yet erratic current of sound that carries every word given breath and brings it to boil over and pour out through the speakers. Bursting with punchy guitar riffs, fast paced drum beats and a powerful, dirt-track voice, this explosive taste of straight up pop-punk rock are well on their way to finding a space in any self-respecting music lovers CD collection.

The Birmingham boys with something to say are more than ready to let you know as of now, ‘All We’ve Ever Known’.

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