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Monster Truck's riff machine rolls through town, laying waste to everything in it's way

Canada's Monster Truck hit Glasgow for another sold out show on their aptly titled Lords of the Riff tour.  Heads will be banged and beers will be drank.
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Jeremy Widerman Jeremy Widerman[/caption]

Monster Truck @ King Tuts, Glasgow - 22/03/2014

Monster Truck haven't even taken to the stage and the crowd is already chomping at the bit, belting out the backing vocals melody from Old Train.  I've only even seen this happen for bands like AC/DC or Iron Maiden so the early indications are that we're in for a good night. The bands explodes out of the blocks with The Lion, one of their strongest songs and the opening riff (and oh what a riff it is) immediately sets off the head banging and fist pumping.  The bar has already been set pretty high and the glorious slabs of feel good rock n roll keep coming.  Runnin', Call it a Spade and the insanely catchy Sweet Mountain River (assisted by about 150 Glaswegians on backing vocals) all go down like chocolate in front of a fat kid. Album standout track For the Sun is slightly marred by the fact that the vocals on Jon Harvey's microphone are a little low in the mix so we don't quite get the full effect of his fantastic voice.  Having practiced our Old Train backing vocals before the show, it's time to sing along for real while guitarist Jeremy Widerman goes walkabout at the front of the crowd to end the main set before a two song encore climaxes with Righteous Smoke. Considering Monster Truck play 2,000 capacity venues back in Canada, we're extremely lucky to catch these guys in such an intimate venue but if tonight's performance is anything to go by, then the next time we see this band it'll be in a much bigger venue.  Catch 'em while you can because right now the Truck's doing about 60mph and gaining speed. 9/10 Monster Truck tour Europe until 12th April. Many thanks to Kirsten Sprinks @ Cosa Nostra PR.