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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Aptly named Vancouver-ites trip the light fantastic...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: “No beating about the bush, eh? Vancouver’s Weed thrive on altered states, and their brilliantly intense strain of haze-rock will take you on a holiday from reality. Part garage band shambles, part transcendental, life-enhancing trip, their music tips its hat to the giants of shoegaze  while going on its own merry way: lo-fi and strangely infectious, with beautifully detached vocals. This is slacker poetry of the highest order, and their ‘Deserve’ record features some truly spellbinding moments... no matter how hard the trio try to look they’re not... well, trying. Check out ‘Set Me Back’ below, and keep ‘em peeled for further coverage."
weed Vancouver’s purveyors of shoegaze sludge, Weed, have announced that they’ll be releasing their debut album
Deserve on brand new London based label,
Downbound Records for the UK and Europe on May 12
th. From the first few seconds of
Deserve, Weed make their intentions clear. Like much of the record, album opener
Heal uses feedback, fuzz and pounding drums to relentlessly engulf all of the senses (not unlike pioneers of loud, My Bloody Valentine) before tuneful hooks and celestial vocals set in, allowing a melodic respite from the all-encompassing, abrasive, yet blissful noise. Though relatively new to the UK, Weed have been turning heads stateside since the release of their 2012 EP, ‘Gun Control’.