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Ejimiwe’s ‘Shedding Skin’ Reveals The Real Ghostpoet

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The London-based ‘GHOSTPOET’ once again reveals himself as an ambient techno spirit who can successfully delve into the emotional realm to return with nothing short of a trip-hop sensation. Returning with his third release to this date, Mr Ejimiwe takes you through the need to know basics of ‘Shedding Skin’.

Through a number of tracks including ‘Shedding Skin’ and ‘Be right back, moving house’, the singer/songwriter leaves a sarcastic impression in his tonal execution. A method that, when compared to popular chart artist styles, is quite unconventional. But when the heart-felt style is combined with the ghostly nature of the instrumental section however, it becomes apparent what Mr Ejimiwe attempts to create.

The sixth track, ‘That ring down the drain kind of feeling’, is a fitting example. A piece based on the ice cold sensation you receive down your spine when confronting a freshly seperated ex lover with their new partner. A venomous annunciation is present through the spoken word which is followed swiftly by the melancholy backing vocals of Nadine Shah and a heavily-plucked guitar string, only adding a strenuous note to the one-sided sense of fresh melodramatic dystopia.

It is noticeable to the listener however, that each segment of music works together in a similar fashion to how the human mind would operate in these situations. An unknown voice of despair lingering in the background, a sharp twinge of nerves uncomfortably plucked and a malicious first person perspective to whoever has done you wrong.

Another example of this lies in the following track, ‘Sorry my love, it’s you not me’. A song written about the sheer exhaustion of having heartstrings played with and having common life concerns overbear the need to mourn for dampened emotions. A high-noted phase effect sustains a strong but unpredictable presence through the piece. The generated tone makes its existence clear when a distressing topic is brought to light, leaving the listener to assume that it is being used as a representation of a flutter of nerves or a raised heartbeat.

The anthology appears to be not a hollow disc of random tones and mix-matched life-events, but a vessel to symbolize a living entity. A split personality Obaro creates to embody every uncomfortable back-story and distressing thought he has ever had. It is appropriate to say that GHOSTPOET is not only the name of Mr Ejimiwe’s musical alter-ego but now a living portrayal of everything that he describes through his music.

GHOSTPOET is a man who has been wronged too many times in life and experienced first hand how the smallest of unfortunate events can bring about the most difficult of grievances for the majority of society. Suggesting something more of a self-therapeutic serum than a baggage-free artist in the form of his lyrical reminiscence and uncanny music style, ‘Shedding Skin’ comes at you as a ten-track blend of new wave and contemporary 2 tone that only those who can relate to his stories can really emphasise with.

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Words by Nathan Roach