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Architects take it to the next level on Lost Forever//Lost Together

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

While Architects may have been heavily praised in the past, and rightly so, they have never quite reached the heights they deserve.

Alflt Architects – Lost Forever//Lost Together – OUT NOW

They have toured relentlessly year after year the world over (most recently documented in the crowd funded ‘One Hundred Days’ feature), yet are often surpassed by their peers. This could very well be due to their heaviness, but even when they tried a lighter approach (see the underrated ‘The Here and Now’), they still couldn’t win.

Let’s hope then, that their time has finally come with the colossal ‘Lost Forever//Lost Together’. Opening with a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, ‘Gravedigger’ pummels your ears and it’s plain to see that Architects aren’t messing around this time. The guitars are insanely low, Sam Carter’s voice is more powerful than we’ve heard it before and the rhythm section provided by drummer Dan Searle and bassist Ali Dean devastates everything in it’s path. Blastbeating into life, ‘Naysayer’ is a bold statement of intent that sees Architects refusing to bow to external pressure and the apathetic generation that surrounds them. ‘You can’t stop me from giving a fuck’ bellows Carter and you entirely believe him as you hear a new-found power that is prevalent throughout ‘LF//LT’. ‘Broken Cross’ seems to be a bitter look at religion backed up by a pummeling beat down and an apt nod to ‘Hollow Crown’. Also featuring heavily on these first three tracks are some of the finest ‘BLEH’, ‘BLURGH’ and ‘BLAH’ calls you’ll hear all year. Four tracks in, ‘The Devil is Near’ is a circle-pit inducing fist-raiser, with ‘HEY! HEY!’ shouts and another internally fuelled fireball lyric from Carter when he screams ‘this is sacrifice, no fucking compromise’ like he’s running face-first through anything that may stop him. ‘Dead Man Talking’ (clever wordplay there) is a bouncing anthem in the making that rounds off atmospherically before interlude ‘Red Hypergiant’ gives us time to take a step back and bathe in the air of uncertainty that surrounds us all. We’re not left reflecting for too long though, as ‘C.A.N.C.E.R’ fires off on all cannons and after hearing about guitarist Tom Searle’s recent cancer scare, it becomes even more poignant. Be grateful for what you have and live for now. ‘Colony Collapse’ slowly seethes and boils into a haunting chorus and whilst there’s less melody in the vocals on this album, when it’s there, it sounds vital and honest. ‘Castles In The Air’ is another shredding, heavy track and even though Architects are heavier than their peers and their songs are laden with all manner of tech-riffery, there’s still a catchiness that keeps you coming back for more. The pounding ‘Youth is Wasted on the Young’ begins with a roar of ‘the past is dead’ and although there’s a negative feeling apparent, you can somehow feel that they’re still looking to the future. Architects have been known for their epic closing tracks since the title track from ‘Hollow Crown’ came out of nowhere and this time around, closer ‘The Distant Blue’ doesn’t disappoint. This album takes us on a journey that takes in so many of the elements in our lives that we feel we can’t control; bitterness, the past, outside influences and more. All of this culminates here and as the chorus rings out, it truly feels like you can let go of it all. ‘Lost Forever//Lost Together’ is another unrelenting album from Architects at their finest. Masterful songs with a message, the world needs to listen in more ways than one. 9/10 Stream the whole album