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Purdy Captivates The Crowd At Radar Session

  Last night’s Radar session at Under The Bridge had me very excited for a couple of reasons.  The Radar sessions are a fantastic showcase of up-coming bands and artists who have been specifically selected to strut their stuff in front of an audience of eager-to-find-the-next-big-thing folk.  On top of top this we had been specially invited to see and talk to Purdy, a previous NAOTD on Subba-Cultcha.

The venue itself is pretty awesome.  Aside from being right under the stands of Stamford Bridge (Chelsea football club's stadium and I’m an Arsenal fan!) it’s a very modern, spacious and luxurious setting with all the mod-cons for musicians to take advantage of.

As with any showcase of new aspiring talent, the line-up was very varied and this had pro’s and cons.  It’s phenomenal to see four bands/artists in one session with such varied styles however due to the variation not all the acts are everyone's cup of tea so it appeared tricky for some of the bands to get the crowd going.

Not so for Purdy, who’s sass and swagger takes hold of the stage and emanates a delightfully rich velvety aura that descends through the crowd.  The audience was waiting for a big performance to blow them away and Purdy’s magnificently powerful voice did not disappoint.  Her band followed in the same footsteps, with a combination of sound and style that wouldn’t be at all out of place in a smokey Jazz bar in the early hours of the morning.

Her set was fantastic; energetic, exuberant and engaging, delivering a very personal and open performance which was lapped up by all attending.  The highlight was her live performance of “Next Time”, her first single that warranted Subba-Cultcha’s NAOTD spot.  The song, which is overwhelmingly sexy and suggestive, was written in a darker period of Purdy’s life and it came into it's own on stage in the best possible way I could have hoped

I was lucky enough to speak to Purdy after the show and I can confirm two things 1) she is an absolute delight to speak to, incredibly approachable and hilariously funny 2) she's an artist of immense talent and knowledge.  Her process for creating the sound and style she encapsulates (the femme fatale) is simple… “to capture the passion of the moment”

Listen to the interview below.

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