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Fake The Attack’s ‘Stranger Times’ Holds No Suprises

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Fake The Attack may be talented musicians who know how to stick to their guns, but lack the initiative to go further than another pop rock band. For those who are not fazed by that however, the Hampshire four-piece are set to release their new LP, ‘Stranger Times’.

Initial thoughts that spring to mind are, that the group were originally influenced by a Disney composer. Loud and dramatic, with a dark undertone which suggests a heartache undercurrent, the illustrated artwork itself holds similarities to how a children’s book would be decorated, symbolically matching the bands music with a whimsical fairy-tale in their audiences eyes.

Within the modern day pop rock genre, it is difficult for female singers to avoid association with Hayley Williams (front woman of ‘Paramore’) in the eyes of the general public. Lead singer Ashlyn Marshall may differ from the pop idol in use of vibrato and an end-of-line crescendo, (not to mention a fairly noticeable Southern England accent) but unfortunately it is simply splitting hairs to suggest something that makes her fairly original and wards her away from this stereotype.

‘Stranger Times’ has a number of interesting songs such as the star-lit journey ‘Wildwood’ and the dramatic adventure ‘Cellar Door’. The remainder of the album however, becomes quite predictable in their song setup, leaving the adrenaline to run low as well as interest in the content. The lack of heart to try something different and experiment also seems to restrict the quartet from seasoned ears.

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Words by Nathan Roach