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Tove Styrke: The New 'Kiddo' On The Block

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Tove Anna Linnea Ostman Styrke, to give you her full name, is a Swedish singer and songwriter. The 22 year old hails from Umea in Sweden and comes from good stock; her father Anders Ostman had a number one hit on the countries radio chart, Svenktoppen, back in ’75 with “Vindens Melodi”. Her Mother was a ballet instructor. Song and dance. Not a bad start.

Tove Styrke Album Cover

In 2009, Styrke finished in 3rd place on Swedish Idol, which led to a signing by Sony Records later that year. June 2010 saw the release of her first single “Million Pieces”, followed by a debut album in November, the self-titled ‘Tove Styrke’.

However it was last years ‘Borderline’ E.P. and NBC’s Late Night with Seth Mayers appearance that grabbed the attention of the music world's movers and shakers.

Fast forward to 2015 and we have her latest offering ‘Kiddo’.

The opener “Ain’t Got No” is a funk based tune that grabs you by the ears and keeps hold for its entire 3:54 duration. My only niggle is that her light vocals are slightly drowned by the heavy production.

“Borderline” follows, and it’s definitely a favourite of mine. It’s a dub track that seems so familiar.  At some stage during the first verse, I’m reminded of the track “Uptown Top Ranking”, but this quickly disappears when you hit the seriously addictive chorus. This is a great track. Check out the stripped down KROQ live version on YouTube. It doesn’t disappoint. It also demonstrates this young singer’s vocal range.

As I travel onwards through ”Brag”, “Burn” and “Decay”, I realise that all the songs seem so familiar. It’s because they are so catchy, a formula that has worked many, many times before. Non offensive pop tunes. ”Number One” wouldn’t seem out of place on a teen flick closing credits soundtrack.

But somehow that takes me back to where this all started, a TV talent show. What is commendable is that she didn’t actually win. However “Kiddo” is an album that is worthy of an artist who has immense talent that deserves to win.

Words by Lawrence Taylor

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