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The Garden's Wyatt Shears Releases New Album Punk Planet

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Chud Records release ‘Punk Planet’ by Enjoy- the new solo album from The Garden singer and bass player, Wyatt Shears.


What a dream it must be for any musician to get to the point where they can be a part of different projects, both musically and other creative endeavors all at the same time. What a dream it must be to see your own solo album being talked about and spread about the world. A dream it is indeed, but far from any kind of ego trip for Wyatt Shears - a talented guy who seems to just have music ingrained in him naturally.

With both feet firmly rooted on this planet, Wyatt is a musician who seems to be doin’ what ever he wants in a great way; purposefully, ambitiously and unashamedly. He seems a unique soul who I think can be put down as an innovator. Have a listen to any of his music from his solo project Enjoy, and you shall quickly come to realise it’s a rather unique blend of warm, catchy, wah-wah bass grooves and quick drum beats that leave you wanting more. Luckily for you, he churns out music as quick as anything, and should you want to, you have quiet the stash of his creations on his Bandcamp to indulge in.


Enjoy, in sound, is dreamy. There are The Garden elements in there in terms of Wyatt’s style of bass playing and of course singing, but he goes to town with multiple bass-line layers, and as mentioned before, wah-wah effects left right and center. Each song off Punk Planet is catchy as hell and rich in seducing strums of the bass. In parts the record is also funky, it has tropical vibes that jump in upon an occasion, and of course, punk veins running through it all – just how we like it.

Wyatt has created his own sound that is instantly recognizable. No one else is doing anything quite like this right now. Punk Planet is truly ENJOYable. We love it.

Click here to order your Enjoy cassette from Chud Records

or Click here to listen to and then buy the digital release from Enjoy's Bandcamp

Words by Jo Wells