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Major Lazer’s ‘Peace Is The Mission’ Will Unite Club Lovers Worldwide

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Previously releasing two albums and an endless collection of EP’s, Singles and compilation work, it seems that the notorious Major Lazer have finally found out who they are with their new LP ‘Peace is the Mission’.

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The dukes of dirty dancehall dubstep return with nine new tracks, alternatively jumping from their traditional blends of Baile funk and light Moombahton to songs which inescapably fall under the surprising category of full-blown pop and hide no hesitation in setting itself up as an album of soon-to-be singles.

Although it is hardly unheard of that the music group have delved into the mainstream media from time to time, but their new release goes to show that even the most obscure acts out there, can still revel in creating a few generic club pop tracks.

“Be together”, featuring the American band Wild Belle, is the opening track to this blockbuster of a soon-to-be singles. Slipping gently into the room are the soft but restless vocals of Natalie Bergman, describing the relation between the unlikely practicalities of planets colliding to the likelihood of star-crossed lovers being together.

Taking a step away from the electro-pop, “Too Original” practically bounces out of the speakers with its mash up of rap and reggae fusion. With the help of popular acts Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell, the artists create what can only be described as an infectious festival track that will have the ground shaking and the strobe lights pulsing.

“Blaze up the fire” is a more than appropriate title for this hot & sweaty track. Everything feels intensified as the slick vocals of Chronixx mix with the dirty bass-drops that practically come pouring out, washing away any notion of a relaxed morning vibe.

DJ Snake moves in for the kill. Making its way into the top-ten in nineteen international charts, “Lean On” has become a favourite among the public. Obvious, addictive, relatable and undoubtedly danceable, it has everything needed to make the perfect popular club track.


“Powerful” in this case, seems to be the only way to describe Ellie Goulding’s addition to this track. Taking a step back from traditional pop, the two artists depend on a call and response technique, making it slightly less weighted with the inclusion of a male singer to sit alongside Miss Goulding.

“Light it up” (featuring Nyla) immediately gives fuel to the embers, awakening the lull of adrenaline from the previous track. Dropping in video game techno drops, the energetic song would be enough to send the infamous virtual plumber into cardiac arrest.

Finally bringing back that traditional Major Lazer sound, “Roll the bass” is a serious understatement. Their filthy mix of trap music moves in to suffocate the audience by forcing a rhythm into the audiences step and take every breath of oxygen out of their lungs.

The captivating “Night Riders” features a stellar guest-list of artists including Travi$ Scott, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, & Mad Cobra. The lyrics may have your typical ‘get rich or die trying’ attitude but still give off a good-time emphasis which gives you no option but to succumb.

The final track “All my love” includes the pop princess Ariana Grande and Trinidadian treasure Machel Mantano. One of the strongest tracks for building to a massive climax of powerful vocals, it is a suitable end to this monolithic collection.

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Words by Nathan Roach