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Counterparts Discuss Poetic Death With 'Tragedy Will Find Us'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Ontario five piece Counterparts enter the studio once again with nothing but a heavy heart to fuel the fires, leaving them somewhat cold and unresponsive. Returning with their morbid but true LP titled, ‘Tragedy will find us’.


This being their third album to date, the catalogue contains a litter of repetitive ‘hit the floor running’ and fairly bog-standard hardcore drumbeats alongside lyrics that echo beautifully melancholic poetry which are unfortunately tied to the anchor of their predictable morose hardcore.

The album discusses possible theories and concepts of our reality but surrounds it in what sounds like an already defeated attitude towards life and a welcome mat for death, dusted off and set neatly outside the bands front door.

Lyrics such as “We are bred to flicker and fade” emphasise exactly how these five musicians have come to accept their mortality but still feel the need to almost pity themselves and the fate of the race through their lyrics.

Smaller topics scattered here and there include bitterness towards another, mourning the loss of someone close and the exhausting struggle of insomnia, which goes to show that the significance of each word they wrote for this piece examine and highlight a life-long resentment and adversity of existence.


With this in mind, this remorseful acceptance seems to have dampened the musical aspects creativity as each song does not differ greatly from the next. Exceptions are made with the roaring heated track “Choke” which experiments away from your typical fast bar strum and uninteresting drum strikes. In point of fact, the last four tracks of the record take larger steps forward with musical progression than any of the opening alternatives.

The poignant lyricism alone makes ‘Tragedy will find us’ an interesting listen but is ultimately diminished when associated with the lack of experimentation.

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Words by Nathan Roach